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Lecture 1

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Child Development Degree
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Child Development Degree EAD106

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Funding & fees
- Families are responsible to pay for childcare
-Baby booms, universal childcare benefit
- Taxes, FDK (full day kindergarten) but not childcare
- Combination of both (depending on parent income)
- Federal government gives to province, later province distributes (rules, regulations
Day Nerseries Act)
Options available
- home based
- community/childcare centres
- Montessori
- Daycare
- Early intervential
- Regulated/licensed childcare
John Amos Conmeius: was very religious based (reading from the Bible) Advocated for
children learning through
Harmonious activities:
Child’s growth depended on being in natural settings
- promotion of moters not school in terms of learning
- rejected structured schooling
- children are being taught math, science etc
- John Locke: emphasized on first hand experience
- Children were “blant slates” initially
- Less focus on religion, more on individual child
Both promoted: parents being the best educator, concept of “play” was encouraged,
established the idea of having respect for children
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