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Seneca College
Public Administration - Municipal
Public Administration - Municipal SSC100
Rita Cohn- Davidson

SENECA COLLEGE SSC 100 GRADE POINT AVERAGE CALCULATION ASSIGNMENT VALUE: 20% DUE DATE: ____________ Please read the instructions below carefully 1) go to your student SSC 100 Blackboard site 2) scroll down to GPA Calculator and familiarize yourself on the Word document “How to Calculate your GPA” 3) scroll up to the Grade Tracker link and then RIGHT click onto Grade Tracker and SAVE it to your hard drive in Excel 4) using the Grade Tracker charts, input your grades for EACH course following the examples shown on the Grade Tracker 5) use your course outlines for the weighting for each of the assignments/tests 6) the Grade Tracker will calculate your average for each course you are taking this semester 7) use your course outlines to calculate your GPA ....example 81% in Bus 106= A= which = 4.0 METHODOLOGY 1) You are asked to work through the above tutorial found on your SSC 100 Blackboard site 2) Using the Grade Tracker Chart from your SSC 100 student site, develop a Grade Tracker Chart for each of your courses this semester using the course outline evaluation modes as your guideline for the value of each test/assignment etc. 3) List each test/assignment for which you have received marks to date. What is your overall percentage to date for each course? a) What is your GPA for each course? b) What is your overall GPA for all courses?
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