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Biological Sciences
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BISC 101
Christopher Kennedy

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DNA Structure • DNA = deoxyribonucleic acid ◦ Genetic material that encodes all of the traits that make a species ◦ Transmitted from on generation to the next (inherited) ◦ Consists of a sugar(deoxyribose), a nitrogen base, and a phosphate base [Fig 16.8] nitrogen bases is paired by hydrogen bonding • Watson + Crick - 1951 ◦ 1953 - published a paper DNA replication • Semi-conservative model • Two DNA strands unwind and separate each strand, acts as a template for the formation of a new strand (complementary strand) Details of replicatio • Origins of replication ◦ Regions of DNA with specific sequence, protein attach here, separate strands • DNA polymerase III ◦ Adds new nucleotides ◦ 50 nucleotides/sec • Energy for replication ◦ Nucleotides added as triphosphates Orientation of Strands • Anti-parallel: in opposite directions Ready for replication • Two DNA strands must unwind from the double helix ◦ Helicase enzyme • Single stranded binding proteins - keep 2 DNA strands from sticking together • Topoisomerase - breaks the strand, turns it and rejoins the DNA to relieve the tension due to untwisting • DNA strands ready to replicate [Fig 16.13] Replication • New nucleotides are added toby DNA polymerase, only at the 3' end of the new strand. ◦ New strand develops in 5' -> 3' direction • DNA polymerase adds nucleotides to an existing strand, it cannot ini
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