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Geog 387 The City

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GEOG 387
Christiana Miewald

GEOG 387 Lecture 12: The City November 22, 2012 Topics and Terms: • role of the city in promoting heteronormativity on the Granville Strip • Creating queer spaces • gay villages • lesbian space • trans space • gentrification and gender • feminization of the city • Moral geography • transgressive and civilized pleasures • bodily discipline • Heterosexual hegemony/aggressive heterosexuality • Revanchist gentrification • Pink economy • creative class • Queering the city the moral geography of city space • spaces are coded in sexual terms • sexual • hyper-masculine, hyper-feminine • gay, lesbian • non-sexual (e.g. Grocery store, dentist) • deviant • non-heteronormative: the gay bar, the sex workers' street corner • spatial landscapes are constructed as moral/immoral, normal/perverted • transgressive pleasures are contained and repackaged – creating civilized pleasures – such as heterosexual entertainment and/or “gay” districts • (bath houses, gay bars, etc. -- now used by city governments to support gays) heteronormativity on the Granville Strip • “public spaces are produced as heterosexual through everyday repetitive, performative acts which both regulate and work to naturalize the hegemony of heterosexuality” (Boyd, p. 177) • the city reflects and produces wider notions of sexual morality through regulations, bylaws, policing, etc • heterosexuality identified people can also experience everyday spaces as aggressively heterosexual Foucault at the Granville Mall • Foucault's analysis of the disciplinary practice of surveillance is particularly useful here as it is a practice which both the City of Vancouver and Vancouver's mainstream nightclubs are eagerly implementing, through video surveillance, private security, dress codes and bouncers. Control is maintained while physical confrontation is avoided – Boyd p.175 • informal ways: cost (cover, drinks), perceptions of safety and fear • indie events tend to take place in Vancouver's Eastside and DTES • a “safe haven” for women who feel marginalized by traditional 'fictions of femininity' • indie kids characterized the Granville Strip and other mainstream areas as “unsafe” • sexual harassment/ “pick up scene”/ hyper-masculinity, femininity • How does the COV support “a moral geography?” • supports Granville Street, but not other spaces • rent, profit, gentrification The queer city creating queer space (Doan) • to 'queer' a city: • to recognize the heteronormative nature of most urban spaces and • through overt action create a safe place for people who identify as queer • queer space occurs at the margin of society ('thirdspace') • thirdspace – in between various boundaries the pink economy and the creative class (Bell and Binnie, 2004) • pink economy – buying power of the gay community • creative class – produce new forms or designs that are readily transferable and broadly useful (R. Florida) • ex. teachers, artists, computing, design, architecture – creative class • want to attract wealthy • cities need the three “T”s • Talent • Tolerance • Technology • 'gay index' and the creative class • a measure of the over and under-representation of coupled gay people in a region relative to United States as whole • correlation between the 'gay index' and 'hi-tech industries' • city tolerance of difference • by doing so attracts talent and people • ex. Vancouver, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland the globalization of the gay village • cities developing gay villages, leading to a normalization of the certain types of gay space in cities • competitive city must have “gay spaces” but these spaces must be themed, safe and friendly • reproduction of a narrow range of cloned “gay” spaces world-wide • urban transformations are currently reshaping 'gay space' • commercialization • gentrification • entrepreneurial governance – consumerism promoted through governance • the growth of cosmopolitan tourism – ex. The Castro (San Fran), The Murray? (France) • video: gay community in Ontario; Manchester's Gay Village • promoted as a non-threatening authentic commodity • the village as a gay space is used as a commodity to attract straight-identified women • the presence of straight-identified women is contested by some gay men who fear a heterosexual invasion of 'their' space health promotion and the purification of space • self management of health is key to active citizenship • gyms & yoga studios are sites where
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