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Lecture 3

HIST 130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Polytheism, Talas River, Olive Oil

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HIST 130
Luke Clossey

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- French male mortality
Hebrew Gods
Polytheism: (multiple gods)
- El
- Yahweh
- Dagon
- Mot
- Lotan
- Then “el” became a word for God, instead of the name of a particular one
- Yahweh became the only God
- Monotheism started (only one God)
- In the 1400s, a big portion of population in the world were followers of Yahweh
- Christianity started from the Cult of Yahweh
- Islam branched off as a correction to Christianity
- Globalizing forces + boom in terms of culture and economics
- Result of exchange of ideas/goods/etc
1) First G-Boom
- There was an Empire
- 3rd century BC
- Division between East and West in empire
- West: Nobles, military culture, warriors
- East: bureaucrats, government system, not a lot of warfare
- West attacks East, wins, and unites entire empire
- 4.5 million KM^2
- Solutions to manage such a large empire:
1) Infantry
2) Roads + walls (to defend and move rapidly)
3) Cultural solidarity
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- Foreign invasions happened
- Empire breaks up again into West and East
- East: Old empire, bureaucracy but not as strong as before
- West: Nobles, ruralization, monasteries
- This was the Qin Han Empire
- Story also applies to Roman empire
- The Roman, Parthian, Kushan, and Han empires existed at the same
- Super interesting
- Road networks were developed
- Trade happened
- Coins found were amalgamation of ideas and figures
27 BC to 400 AD
247 BC to 224 AD
1 AD to 200 AD (ish)
Qin Han
221 BC to 220 AD
- Thus G-Boom 1 took place from 1 AD to 200 AD (ish)
Key Exchanges
1. Olive oil
2. Wine
3. Metals
1. Spices
2. Cotton
3. Textiles
1. Silk
1. Peaches
1. Walnuts
2. Grapes
- Disease (measles, smallpox) was also exported and led to decline
of population
- Fish-scale formation from Roman Empire spread
- Silk road
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