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Lecture 15

REL 399 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Canadian Identity, Bacon, African DiasporaPremium

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REL 399
Ronald Charles

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Jan. 20
Black/ African Diaspora: Soc 399
We must question democracy.
-Racism doesn’t exist in a democratic society
-the rule of the majority is not always good
*Critical thinkers should never go with the flow—they have always been marginalized, killed
(ex. Dr. Charles under dictatorship on list to be killed)
-imagined him to be a communist
“Everyone experiences racism from time to time”
-except for white, privileged men
-everyone’s issue
i.e., #blacklivesmatter, #alllivesmatter brushing it under the carpet, but comes out of a his-
torical narrative.
“Racial conflicts occur because of diversity”
-homogenous; “everyone should stay in their homelands”
-passive-aggressive way majority wants to maintain over people (tribal mentality)
-we are always going to have conflicts
-conflicts happen even in ourselves
-there has never been an “unspotted” area, always has been diversity
“Blaming the victim”
-Canadian identity; does not include immigrants
“Minority groups reuse to adapt to Canadian society”
-keep culture= strengthen society, suppose to be one that celebrates differences
-to deny difference is to undermine Canadian society in and of itself
**keep these points in mind for the exam
What is Canadian society?
-should look at Canada as different places; regions
-hockey, winter, bacon, beer—is not actually Canadian
“People of colour have cultural problems”
-failure to be tolerant of culture
“All we need is to treat everyone equally”
-equity and fairness are two different things
-band-aid solution
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