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BIOL 1020
Robert Laird

March 7, 2014 – Biology Angiosperm traits • All angiosperms are in phylum anthophyta • Antho= flower, phyta= plant • Angio= container, sperm= seed • Flowers o An angiosperm structure specialized for sexual reproduction. Why sexual when self pollination is available? Greater diverse o Stamen: Anther (pollen is produce), filament (raises the anther) o Carpel: Stigma, style, ovary o Petal o Sepal o Complete flowers have  Stamens, carpel, petals, sepals  Perfect, or bisexual flowers have male & female parts o Incomplete flowers are missing one of more of the four (grasses don’t have petals) o Pollination  Biotic: pollination by animals 80% • Insects 65%, birds, bats, other mammals  Abiotic 20% (inefficient) • Wind pollination • Water pollination  Self-pollination  Pollination syndromes: • Suites of traits associated with different modes of pollination o Deceptive pollination o Coevolution is the evolution of interacting species in response to changes in each other o Many flowering plant
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