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BIOL 2000
Joseph Rasmussen

Chapter 6-3 One-gene-one-enzyme hypothesis  Modified to one gene produces one polypeptide since some enzymes are multiple polypeptides  If one gene can feed other two genes, it must have an accumulation of the other things needed. (The last mutation- as it has one and two)  Mutant one can not feed anyone else  Mutant two can feed mutant one  Mutant three can feed mutant one and two  DOWN STREAM COMPOUND (MUTANT) CAN FEED UPSTREAM MUTANTS Interfering Gene Interactions  Complementation test o Determine if mutation genes are mutations of one gene or of 3 genes  Example o Consider where 2 lines ($ and #) are alleles of one gene (w1), the third line (&) is an allele of a second gene (w2) o If we make pairwise crosses amongst the three lines ($ x #, $ x &, & x #) progeny of crosses between alleles of the same gene will show no complementation, progeny of crosses between alleles of different genes will show complementation o In the first cross, the F1 proge
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