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Biology 2200- Productivity

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University of Lethbridge
BIOL 2200
Joseph Rasmussen

Biologyst200 Nov.21 , 2013 A continuous supply of nutrients is necessary to sustain productivity Nutrient cycling in a system open to energy flow and closed to matter - Energy flow drives the matter cycle - Energy isn’t recycled - The materials being cycled are recycled and reused - A continuous supply of nutrients helps in keeping a constant process efficiency If heterotrophs are inefficient at consuming and recycling the biomass produced, the system will be unbalanced - There will be a decrease in nutrients which will limit production - Dead and living biomass will therefore increase - In swamps primary production is very low because there is a low amount of nutrients An imbalance will persist if inputs balance is lost - High input rates of nutrients will support high productivity - Therefore if nutrient input decreases then productivity will decrease too As seen in the figure, as phosphorus rates increase the productivity of phytoplankton increases as well - Eutrophic: rich in the inorganic nutrients needed by organisms - Oligotrophic: poor in the inorganic nutrients needed by organisms Eutrophication: enrichment of an aquatic ecosystem with nutrients Primary productivity occurs in surface waters in aquatic ecosystems - Surface waters lose fertility unless there is runoff from the land or an upwelling that will replenish nutrients Primary productivity is maintained by recycling Biomass will continue to grow until a balan
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