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Biology 2200- Humans & the Environment

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University of Lethbridge
BIOL 2200
Joseph Rasmussen

Biology 2200 th Nov.28 The human population has increased rapidly since the development of technology – and it continues to rise. Extinction  the end of an organism or a species that will never be recovered Extirpation  the cease of existence of a species in a geographic area Self-interest – things in which we are interested in from the use of resources of the environment: - Recreation - Pharmaceuticals - Food - Commodities We see the environment as a service to us: - Ex: Grasslands o Carbon storage o Water regulation o Water filtration o Erosion control o Soil formation o Waste treatment o Pollination o Pest control Figure 26.7 (the first graph) - A lower amount of plant species with richness before the drought had more biomass remaining after the drought - Higher species richness = more biomass retained after the drought Figure 26.7 (the second graph) - the higher the functional diversity the more plant biomass there was Mass extinctions are high numbers of species dying off due to natural catastrophes Anthropogenic = human related - 700 documented vertebrate species lost Large number of insect extinctions Causes of extinctions: - Habitat loss o Deforestation o Destroying the homes of animals destroys mass amounts of food and they are left homeless basically o They would have to travel far distances to find new habitats which kills many organisms o Some extirpat
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