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Engl3700: Restoration and 18th-Century literature, January 29.docx

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University of Lethbridge
ENGL 3700
Heather Ladd

th January 29 – English 3700 Read about the closure: emailing the mayor to do something about it! Volpone • Beast fable: Volpone is the fox: fox is crafty, clever, predatory and ruthless, the fox pretends to be dead in order to catch birds, greed and aggression backfiring. Humans are scavengers. • Indebted to Commedia dell’Arte: form of Italian comedy that came out of Venice but th th generally northern Italy. Started in the 16 century but continues into 17 century. Involves roaming troupes of actors (some included women) performing for varying audiences. Key is stock characters is improvised (influenced by roman comedy), plots are basic: adultery, jealousy husband, young wife, ect. Zanni (Moska): servant characters to help the lovers. Happy ending. o important to Volpone because it is set in Venice • Characterization of Volpone and Moska: they have virtues (wit, intelligence) o Moska transcends the side kick character overcoming in importance to his master, his ability to improvise easily (almost related to Commedia dell’Arte) No characters who are better than him. • Woodbees pair are parrots: talkative, much more intelligent than they are, self-satisfied, lightening up the comedy, represents English folly not far from Italian vice. Imitating the venetians. • Ideas about other countries that give characterization: but they start to get a little close. o English folly: Woodbee o Italian vice: Moska, Volpone • Attendant grotesque: Servants, entertainers: Dawf, hermaphrodite, unick:
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