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Music History III: Classical Music, Sept 24.docx

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MUSI 3380
Paul Sanden

Sept. 24 – History III 1752 – Big French debate: musical taste, nationalism. Rousseau in favor of Italian style Rameau the champion of the French style Picking sides was more than musical tastes; it was political, personal and classes within society. Intermezzo geared towards middle class. Comic opera is important – people tired of serious heroes and gods. Vaudeville : • parody of the opera. • Popular tunes set to different words • Shows put on independently Eventually Vaudeville became Opéra Comique: Italian musical style. Rousseau – comic opera • Italian style closer to nature • Lack of counterpoint a feature • P.494 merits of Italian opera Intermède: • existed before Intermezzo • long history not always light and funny • between opera and comic opera • 1752 independent from comic opera, in reference to Italian comic opera Le Devin du Village: • Italian style o Simple harmonies in A section o Phrases get longer B section • Intermède • Air: Italian aria but less complex, lighter, simpler • 1 theme • Simple da capo aria • Recitative in the middle but finishes with a statement of section A again. Result of publicity: Italian style gets into Fr
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