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Music History III: Classical Music, Sept 26.docx

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MUSI 3380
Paul Sanden

Sept. 26 – History III Operatic Reform: • Trends that begin to emerge • Changing opera seria • Too much focus on performance and not enough on context • Cosmopolitan –combing international styles (French, Italian, German) • Still within Italian opera only with different influences • Primary focus should be on the story Musical Differences Overture: • Musically related to the rest of the opera • Before it was independent from rest of production • Composers use it to foreshadow • Musical prelude Orchestra: • Used more expressively • Reflect ideas (storm raging) • French Influence Aria vs. Recit: Reform begins to blur the distinction • Italian o Aria was florid o Recit was dry • French o Aria was simpler o Recit was more melodic • French influence • Composers use more flexibility using them for dramatic purposes Accompanied Recitative: • Used for dramatic movements. • Used more flexibly throughout piece Da capo aria: • Fewer • Through composed • More flexible structure • Librettists are being more flexible • Forms that fit to dramatic context Vocal elaborations: • Cadenzas are discouraged • Vocal showcase used only for important heightened drama • Focus is no longer on the performer Less repetition of text: • In arias • Moving away from da capo aria • Embellishment is discouraged Chorus/Ballet: • French tradition used chorus influence opera seria
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