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(MUSI3480) Music History IV: Romantic Music, January 28.docx

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University of Lethbridge
MUSI 3480
Brian Black

January 28, 2014 – History IV th 9 symphony st • 1 symphonies with explicit thematic recall, rejects all motives in favor for Ode to Joy motive • 1 choral symphony • Immense symphony • Precursor to Wagner • Notable characteristics: o Emerging out of nothing, begins with a tremolo o Key relationships: main theme is in d minor, goes down to the submediant (b- flat), important keys throughout entire symphony. o Transformation of the recapitulation, d major, f-sharp in the base, nd • 2 movement is a Scherzo: synthesis of fugue (main theme), full sonata form o Key of the subordinate theme is C Major, the key of this movement is in D Major, o Has a trio that circles around a pastoral feel, intimate o Scherzo is very urgent, gigantic, • 3rd movement slow movement a set of double variations (two themes like Haydn) in B- flat Major –C6/4> D Major –deceptive cadence> B-flat Major -> G Major -> coda • Finale movement, set the Ode to Joy (universal brotherhood of man). Text has very strong religious connotations. Suggests sonata form but never follows through, sets is like a so
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