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NEUR 2600
Ian Whishaw

Neurotransmitters February-11-13 10:58 AM We can explainour behavior between balances of two chemicals: epinephrineand acetylcholine - New ideas ○ Not imbalances: more complicated than that 1. Many neurotransmitters, perhaps about 100 belonging to three groups. 2. Their actions = inhibitoryor excitatory. Depends on 2 types of receptors. 3. Some NTs work as systemsthat can be linked to specific behaviors and behavioural disorders Epinephrine is excitatory. Acetycholineis inhibitory. Fight or flight Rest and digest Classesof NTs 1. Small molecule - diet 2. Peptides - depend on DNA 3. Gases - break all the rules Elements obtained from diet - Each transmitter has a name and an initial Small Molecule Neurotransmitters Acetylcholine Ach Amines Dopamine DA Norepinephrine NE Epinephrine EP Serotonin 5-HT Amino Acids Glutamate Glu Gamma-aminobutyricacid GABA Glycine Gly Histamine H Acetylcholine - Cholineobtained from diet and combines with acetate in the synapseto form ACh ○ Eggs, beef liver, beef patty, cauliflower,navy beans, tofu The amines - Phenylalanineis an essential aminoacid found in breast milk,fats, manufactured by bacteria Aminoacids - Major excitatory transmittior in the brain (Glu) - Major inhibitoryNT (GABA) - Major inhibitoryNT (GABA) Glycine - Inhibitorytransmittor in the spinal cord ○ Strychnine blocks glycine Peptide neurotransmitters Family Example Opioid Enkephaline, dynorphin Neurohypophyseals Vasopressin, oxytocin Secretins Gastric inhibitory peptide, grworth hormone releasingpetide Insulins Innsuina Gastrins Gastrin Somatostatins Pancreatic polypeptides Made on instructions fromt eh DNA - are protein NTs Oxytocin - the lovetransmitter - Hormone - Releasedwith distension of the cervix and vaginaduring labor - Stimulation of the nipples,facilitating breastfeeding - During hugging,touching and orgasm - Social recognition and bonding - Trust and generosity Oxytocin -
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