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PSYC 2110
Fangfang Li

First Day December-09-12 9:30 PM ChildDevelopment: An Introduction Toilet Training and Weaning:best done by parents when child is young - Has some psycho effect on child, affects behaviorand personality - Freud - impact on personalityof people - Controversial - difference in people's beliefson how early/lateto do it ○ How does it affect the child? ○ "Spoiling the child" ○ "Won't be independent" You'll spoil the child if you pick it up when it cries or meet his/her needs. - John B. Watson ○ Father of behaviorism - Still a popular method, "cry it out", don't offer any comforting - Do for their own sake, not for the child's sake (to get enough sleep, etc) - Attachment theory: to be exploredlater on Childrenshould sleep in their own bed and room. - Mayan culture, very common to sleep with the child. ○ Allowsfor them to respond to needs during the night Baby talk to the baby is good. - Parantese speech ○ Elongate vowels, highpitched, helpsthem understand language - Lots of benefits ○ Sing-sound voice ○ Attract their attention ○ Form a relationship ○ Helplanguagelearning later on The qualityof the love relationshipbetween parents makesgreat difference in the happinessof children.
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