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First Class, Course Overview

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PSYC 2320
Matt Tata

First Day December-09-12 9:30 PM Perception: - Sensory Physiology - Hearing - Vision Cognition - Attention ○ Forms bridgebetween sensory processes and the processes in your mindthat are cognitive. ○ Mechanism that takes sensory info to cognitive - Memory Senses - arbitrary because hard to define - A lot is known about vision, hearing - Mysteries about taste, smell,balance ○ How does the brain solvethese particular computational problems that arise when trying to see, hear… etc? Course pack - Some articles that we're not going to get to - In there because it's used by other sections ○ Good: means you can sell your course pack to someonenext year in another professor's course - Not going to spend that much timewith it - Coupleof books on reservein the library - extra place to go to read things in print ○ Sensation and Perception, Coran, Porac & Ward ○ CognitivePsychology,Robinson-Riegler  Chapters on hearing,don't need to read them all  Listen to the lecture, take some notes  Studying: didn't understand something, look it up in the glossaryor index, then read that section Exams and Textbook: everything in exam was in the lecture somewhere. Nothing is JUSTin the textbook. Evaluation: Midterm 1 - 15% February 12-15 "glorifiedquiz" Midterm 2 - 30% March 19-22 Final - 45% April 23-26 Ideas Journal - 10% ○ Extra credit: availablethrough Psych Subject Pool or participation in neuroscience or
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