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STAT 1770
John Sheriff

Sept 11, 2013 Chapter 2, sec 1-2 pages 15-29 Youth Risk Behaviour Example  Who? o Teenagers in US  What? o Variables- Sex, Grades, Day since Cigarette, Days since last drink, how often they wear seatbelts  Categorical  Sex, Grades  Stat-crunch o Use to look at data- you can enter your own, or use textbook data o You can look at frequency or percentage of totals o Grouping allows different results for certain sets  Males and females  Results o Looks like males and females behave differently with respect to seatbelt use, with males generally less inclined or less likely to wear them. 64% of females always wear a seatbelt, compared to 50% of males; whole 19% of males never or rarely wear a seatbelt, versus 8.39% of females.  Conditional distributions o Tells us the distribution of one variable over various categories  The seatbelt usage (variable) over the categories of sex. Analyzing between ca
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