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Writing 1000- Analysis

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University of Lethbridge
WRIT 1000

Writinth1000 Nov.7 , 2013 Grammar exercises marking is due Nov.14 th Theory ---- Practice Why?? (Practice reading – in Fahnestock & Myers) (Practice writing…in your work) You can’t be a good writer without being a good reader. Continuation on analysis discussion: - Analysis is perceptive observation. It is a way of looking at things - Knowledge is what you act upon. In the process of analyzing data you create information - Our goal is to make knowledge - This cycle could be a question on the final exam Information Data Knowledge - We analyze data to create information. We use this information to make knowledge. Our knowledge and understanding of things can help to analyze more data to create more information - Others can use your knowledge to understand other data to help them in finding and understanding information they can use to make their own knowledge “An analysis is an argument in which you study the parts of something to understand how it works, what it means, or why it might be significant” - We are trying to perfect our analytical thinking and turn it into scholarly writing - There should be rhetorical actions in the prose you write - Approach to analysis is self-reflective. Reflect on how you think and write. It will help you to understand things more. - Analysis is a highly persuasive mode of writing and thinking - You have to understand how analysis and language relates to different disciplines - Analysis helps to generate content for your writing. It provides information that you can use to persuade your audience of the validity of your argument - Analysis is sorting. We begin with a general idea, break it down into further specifics - Any research paper is unique
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