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Physical Education and Sport
John Dunn

Oct 1 - Cumulative Distributions On an ogive the y axis will represent cumulative frequency Points are located at the “upper limits” of each class interval th If you scored in the 10 percentile, approximately 10% scored at or below you If you are at the 90 percentile, approximately 90% of the people scored at or below you Percentiles and Percentile Ranks • The percentile rank of a particular score is defined as the percentage of individuals in the distribution with scores equal to or less than the particular value Cumulative percentiles and cumulate percentages tell us the same thing most of the time Calculating the score associated with the (pth) percentile when you have all the raw scores Step 1.) to compute percentile ranks, arrange data in ascending order Step 2.) compute an index (i) I = (p / 100) n N is the number of scores in our data set. Step 3.) if I isn’t an integer, the next integer greater than I is the pth percentile If I is an integer, the pth percentile is the average values in positions I an d(I +1) Ex. Number of pushups for 16 phys ed students 1: calculate score/value associated with 90 percentile I = (p/100) n N = 16 P = 90
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