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John Dunn

Sept 24 – Descriptive and Inferential Stats Continued We use a placebo to eliminate the plausible alternative hypothesis Good research is designed to reduce plausible alternative hypothesis Dependent Variable: • The variable of interest, or variable that is being measured. We measure changes in the dependent variable to assess the effect of the treatment Independent Variable • The variable that is manipulated by the researched. The IV consists of the antecedent conditions that are manipulated by the researched prior to observing the DV Hypothetical Experimental – Research Example: Assessing the effect of “social comparison performance feedback” on state anxiety levels among children high in “performance trait anxiety” Hypothesis – an a priori prediction about the outcome of a study. In experimental research, a hypothesis predicts how the manipulation of the IV will affect the dependent variable. Hypothses are the core of science and experiments. It predicts how the DV will change. Kids were told they are either performing or underperforming relative to others. Q: what is the independent variable in this experiment? A: the feedback Q: what is the dependent variable/construct being measured? (ex. What is the variable/construct being measured?) A: level of state anxiety We manipuatle feedback, measure state anxiety level • Univariate stats – used when we measure one dependent variable. If we had only measured anxiety level then
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