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Lecture 4

STAT141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Social Stigma

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James Muriithi

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Aim of the Speech: The aim of the paper is to convince the class that it is critical for schools to serve
healthier foods.
Central Idea: Public schools will complete the central ideal through serving healthier foods.
Attention Getter: In the previous 30 years the young people in America have been affected by increased
obesity. The rate has increased to ascended to 300% for the same time.
I) Studies have revealed that 30% of the children who are born after the year 2000 have higher chances
of suffering from diabetes.
1) The danger of becoming obese is higher with a rate of 70% in the children lifetime (white house
team may 2010).
2) The study has also revealed that obesity is nowadays high in the children..
II) Most of the children spend their time in schools. Therefore, schools for the best areas where they
can be taught on how to have healthier meals.
A. Researchers in the Harvard University have revealed that the rate of obesity is expected to
increase by 42% by the year 2050.
Transition: With the idea that Obesity is increasing, there is the need to identify the main causes of
I. Fast foods in the schools and other areas have been found to have a negative influence on the
A) There is evidence of poor performance on the children who regularly eat the fast foods.
1) Fast foods have a lot of sugars and fats and lack iron important in growth of the children.
2) The increase sugars in the child will reduce the energy required by the child for
concentration in class.
3) A study from Ohio University has revealed that there is poor performance for the
children who regularly take fast foods (Syoko, 2014).
B) Children living with obesity are found to be depressed and have social stigma (Healthy Children,
1) It was found in the Ohio State University that there was slow and challenged growth for
the children who regularly ate fast foods.
2) It was also found that some of the obese children will only find emotional comfort in the
a. Some of these children will have a difficult life because they will be stressed even in
the new community.
II. The school feeding program has been improved by an act established in 2012. The act was the
health, Hunger-free Kids Act.
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