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Lecture 3

STAT141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Kritios Boy, Kouros, Polykleitos

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James Muriithi

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Greece and Egypt Human Representation
The main difference between the human representations of human in the two countries
was that Greece concentrated much on the facial expression than in Egyptian human depictions.
Another difference was that the humans in Egyptians were based on religion while the ones in
Greece were based on different philosophies (, 2016). For instance, Kouros in Greece
showed athletes who were a class of wealthy people while Hathor in Egypt was a representation
of a god worshiped during the time.
Another difference is that Greek art of human was associated with movement, while that
of Egyptian was static and showed no movement. Examples are Kouros in Greece, Kritian
Boy, and Polyclitus represented human beings that appeared running (Dunn, 2016). The Kouros
had one leg ahead showing movement. Athletes were represented by these sculptures like Kouros
and Kritian boy. Hathor in Egypt was a representation of a god worshiped during the time. The
representation in Egypt was in images and did not show any movement.
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