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Evolutionary Theory

by OneClass269343 , Fall 2013
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ANTH 201

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Why study evolution?
Evolution is the basic context of all of the biological sciences
how extant (existing today) organisms got to be the way they are
essential framework for organizing facts and making predictions
Evolutionary explanations answer key questions in the biological sciences
Answers questions of why
Allows scientists to interpret data
Intraspecific variation: variation among individuals of the same species
Interspecific variation: variation among species
(question on this)
Evolutionary explanations have practical application in modern life
Eg. microbial resistance to antibiotics
Evolutionary theory cross-cuts many disciplines
Development of new methods and concepts
Key Concepts:
Reproductive success
Selective pressure

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Why study evolution? Evolution is the basic context of all of the biological sciences  how extant (existing today) organisms got to be the way they are  essential framework for organizing facts and making predictions Evolutionary explanations answer key questions in the biological sciences Answers questions of why Allows scientists to interpret data Intraspecific variation: variation among individuals of the same species  Interspecific variation: variation among species  (question on this) Evolutionary explanations have practical application in modern life Eg. microbial resistance to antibiotics Evolutionary theory cross­cuts many disciplines Development of new methods and concepts Key Concepts: Reproductive success Fitness Selective pressure Variation Adaptation Species Population Traits Reproductive Success The number of offspring an individual produces and rears to reproductive age an individual’s  genetic contribution to the next generation  (having them survive until the age where they can reproduce) Fitness (survival of the fittest) Pertaining to natural selection, a measure off relative reproductive success of individuals.  (comparative measurement) Fitness can be measured by an individual’s genetic contribution to the next generation compared to  that of other individuals. The terms genetic fitness, reproductive fitness, and differential reproductive success  are also used. Selective pressures Forces in the environment that influence reproductive success in individuals. (predation) (climate, seasonality’s, food sources) (do not have to b
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