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ANTH 303
Chris Holdsworth

Anthropology 303.01 Business in Cultural Context Fall 2013 Location: SB 103 Time: Tues 6:00-8:50 pm Instructor: Dr. Chris Holdsworth TA: TBA email: [email protected] email: Office: ES 710B Office Office Hours: Tues. 4:45-5:45 pm Office Hours: or by appointment. 220 3665 or by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION: The focus of this course is the influence culture has on business. Companies possess unique sets of values, customs, traditions and meanings. Such “corporate cultures” embody not only the vision of the company but also influence its ethical standards and managerial practices. Companies, to be successful, must also understand their consumers and their needs within specific cultural contexts. Globalization and immigration have meant that most Canadian corporations are not only increasingly engaged in multinational trade and negotiation, but also have an increasingly ethnically diverse workforce. The course begins by exploring the challenges businesses face and a general understanding of the anthropological concept of culture. After a brief history of the relationship between anthropology and business we look at how anthropological methods can be used to conduct fieldwork in organizations as well as understand consumers and design new products. This is followed by exploring the role of culture in organizations and how organizations can use this knowledge to advantage. We then look at the role culture plays in consumer decision making, and how current cultural trends impact the future of business. The course concludes with an exploration of the implications of conducting business in different cultural contexts as well dealing with a multicultural workforce. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To acquire an appreciation of how the theory and methods of anthropology can be used to understand how an organization’s culture influences the conduct of business. 2. To appreciate how an understanding the cultural context in which a corporation operates can improve its marketing efforts. 3. To gain an understanding of how the theory and insights of anthropology can positively influence the conduct of international business. 4. To develop critical thinking and writing skills through discussing issues in class. REQUIRED TEXTS: 1 1. Ferraro, Gary, and Elizabeth Briody 2013. The Cultural Dimension of Global Business (7th edition) Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 978-0-205-83559-1 2. Jordan, Ann: 2013. Business Anthropology (2 Ed). Waveland Press. ISBN- 13: 978-1577668275 3. Links to additional readings will be made available through Blackboard COURSE FORMAT This course will follow an interactive lecture-discussion style format accompanied by experiential exercises, case studies and the occasional film or video. Class discussions and lectures will not repeat or cover all the material in the texts but will elaborate on selected topics to provide a deeper understanding of the material. Assigned textbook readings may be augmented with suggested additional readings and handouts. COURSE POLICIES Blackboard All course materials and information, as well as unofficial grades, will be posted on the U of C Blackboard. Email Policy In any email correspondence please begin with the course code (anth303) in the subject line along with the subject of your message. Most of the time, you can expect a reply to an email within 24 hours. Please do NOT expect and immediate reply. You should also know that I will only rarely reply to emails on the weekends. Also I will not reply to emails that are not signed at least with your first name. Cell Phone and Laptop/Tablet Policy Cell phones must be turned off during the class except when in use for Top Hat Monocle (see below). Laptops and tablets should be used only for taking notes. Since the screens can be distracting to students sitting behind, if you wish to use your laptop or tablet please sit toward the back of the class. TopHat • Students are required to set up a Top Hat (TH) account. TH will be used to assess participation and comprehension which are grade components (see below) for the course. The university has a site license for the application and accounts can be set up at • The TH URL for the course is: • The password for the course is: Business ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION Students are expected to attend all classes and to contribute to class discussions based on the assigned readings. Grades will suffer if more than two classes are missed. 2 ASSESSMENT • Mid-term exam 1: • 25% of final grade • Date: Oct 1 • Mid-term exam 2: • 25% of final grade • Date: Oct 29 • Fi
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