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Lecture 1

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University of Calgary
ANTH 331
Tania Saj

Anth 331 Lecture 1 9132011 52700 PM What is gender The cultural meaning given to an individuals physical sex Lang 1998 47The socially and culturally produced ideas about the differences between femalesand males in a particular society Lees 20095when talking about malesfemales talking about sexmasculinityfemininity gender not biologically driven not fixedBut gender is not the same thing as sexGender Components Definitions 1 Gender Identity Reflects the persons subjectively inner felt experiences of being masculinefeminine or ambivalentnot what society says this is what you feelPrescriptive Gender Stereotypes of what it means to be MFA set by society Feminine Warmkind wholesome interest in children expresses emotion loyal spiritual sensitive Masculine business sense athletic willing to take risks consistent leadership ability aggressive self reliant2 Gender roles The social skills abilities and ways of acting thought appropriate to members of society depending on whether or not you are male or femaleWhat do males and females actually do in society talking about physical exterior your job you performing in public world Occupational SegregationDivision of Labor in CanadaPink collar jobs tend to be jobs where you find more women than men clerical administrative salesservicesBlue collar and White collar jobs male dominated industrialbusiness jobs3 Gender Ideology The attitudes and beliefs of society regarding the appropriate roles rights and responsibilities of men and women in societyWhat you should be doing o PatriarchalTraditional Ideology when talking about family ie male seen as breadwinner o Egalitarian ie man staying at home shared familybreadwinning roles Ideas about gender are not fixedcontent not fixed o ie King Louis XVI of France most powerful man in 1700swore tights heels and a robe Today not image of most powerful men o Ideas of what should be masculinefeminine change o But there is a dominant view of how it should be
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