Nomadic Hunters & Agriculture

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University of Calgary
Greek and Roman Studies
GRST 321
John William Humphrey

Nomadic Hunters andAgriculture Beginning of Paleolithic age (<= 10000 BCE) - Nomadic hunting - Fire - Oral communication - 500000 yrs of evolution NeolithicAge (8000 – 3000 BCE) - Cultivation of plants and animals. - Settling in villages. PaleolithicAge Oldupai Gorge - Finding of flaked stone tools (eoliths) - Between 500000 – 100000 BCE, evolution of the flaked stone tool (slow progress due to lack of previous knowledge) Fire controlled and maintained by 500000 BCE. - Term focus – hearth : The focus of the house is the fire. - Fire always maintains its importance Eoliths - First manufacturing technology: Flaking of Stone Tools - Crudely formed, non-standard, non-specialized. - Eventually create Acheulean HandAxe - Standardized!! - Eventually see specialized tools (170000-40000 BCE) - Finally composite stone flaked tools -Attachment of one tool to another. (e.g. hand-axe on to wood for leverage) Concurrently with the discovery of these tools we see the introduction of cave-art. (30000 BCE) - Paintings of things important to them – Deer, mammoths, cattle - Perhaps early religious sense - Painted in bowels of caves - Considered taking control of the creatures due to the difficulty - This c
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