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University of Calgary
Law and Society
LWSO 203
Marywyatt Sindlinger

Peter Mackenzie Guest Speaker 3/4/2013 9:57:00 AM -Courtroom 306 in the AM to watch sentencing 10-12 [email protected] (will answer q’s) Adult Sentencing: Special prosecution: -economic crimes (lots of $$$) -organized crime -internet child exploitation (child porn) -covers all south alberta (red deer) -focuses on pre-charge consultations >cops bring info to them prior to pressing charges to ensure no gaps in evidence >search warrants and wire taps Sentencing: Discharge: -no criminal record -you take responsibility for what you did -can be absolute or temporarily (probation) -curative discharge (dui): treatment rather than jail Suspended sentence: -probation with conditions -if probation is obeyed, no more punishment -criminal record fines: -pay a cash settlement for crime -criminal record incarceration (provincial range): 2years -1day or < -House arrest Incarceration (federal time): 2 years + imprisonment -probation not available Section 718 Criminal code: 1. denounce unlawful conduct 2. deterring the offender and other persons from committing a crime (specific to offender and general) 3.Separate offenders from society when necessary (Glendue 1999) 4. purpose of sentencing: assist in rehabilitating offenders 5. reparation for harm done to victims and society (compensation order or community service hours) 6. Sentencing promotes a sense of responsibility for offenders Case 1- Tom: -Impaired driving charge -Was an alcoholic, 3 rddui in 10 years, 2ndin 5 years -if you prove you are committed to alcohol rehab, you can receive a curative discharge Facts: -Tom was driving wrong way down road -BAC .240 (3x legal limit) -Learned drinking culture while playing pro hockey -Had a wife and children -Employed -Candidate for residentia
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