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Law and Society
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Marywyatt Sindlinger

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Why is punishment justified: Retribution: an eye for an eye type of punishment, you need to pay for what you’ve done Ex: corporal punishment, imprisonment, capital punishment Rehabilitation: we impose consequences to hopefully discourage people from repeating bad behavior -prosecution is done on behalf of the citizen Sec. 43 Criminal Code -Reasonable force for parents disciplining children -teachers are limited but are permitted to use force to restrain a child which is endangering another Sec.718 Criminal Code: *Google criminal code of Canada and read Principles of Sentencing: The sentence must be proportionate to: a) gravity of offence b) responsibility of offender -factors such as addictions, past offenses, age, past abuse -Glendue Factors Objectives of Sentencing: a) Denunciation: shows to the community how serious they consider an offence and the statement the court needs to make to the community b) Specific Deterrence: factors for the specific offender to teach them a lesson/prevent them from recommitting an offence c) General deterrence: things such as long prison sentences which deters the public from committing a crime d) Incapacitation: prevents people from committing crimes by removing them from society -put them in jail -kill them -exile e) Rehabilitation: sentences can and should be crafted to address the underlying context and causes of a crime f) Reparations to indiv/community: direct repayment through money, fines, community service etc. g) Promote a sense of responsibility in the offender for harm done Death Penalty: -men and people of color are more often subject to the death penalty Types of sentences: I) Sentences that do not result in a criminal record a) alternative measures b) absolute, conditional and curative discharges II)
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