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Political Science
POLI 359
Mark Baron

9/16/2013 10:27:00 PM Communist Party-State  Duplication of office – Peoples republic of China. Three primary institutions: Central committee, politburo, standing committee of the politburo (most powerful, 5 to 9 members, under leadership of the general secretary of the communist party – Xi Jinping.).  Nomeklatura system – Russian term. Refers to a party list. The individuals who are on that list are individuals who have already been chosen in advance by being committed to the communist party. Already deemed fit and ready for state service. 3. Planned/Command Economy  Who‟s responsible for making economic decisions  the task of economic decision making are in fact assumed and fulfilled by the party within these particular societies. (plan economy as a whole) o To ensure egalitarian society. o Only if the economy is mobilized under the control of the party, they can ensure that the economy wont be used against the people. o Commanding heights. Party that protects ownership and enacts the ownership on behalf of society. „Publically owned‟ through the agency of the party. o Peaceful coexistence o Innovation by Stalin  principally designed to achieve objectives that the party believed was necessary on its path towards communism (socialism first) Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Economic Rehabilitation: Russia  Lay grounds for communist party (socialist transition)  Meet immediate needs of Russian population. Rebuild domestic civilization. New Economic Program  In effect from 1921 – 1927  V.I Lenin – give time to consolidate position in Soviet Union  Needed period to eradicate enemies and to renew the party. (Done under NEP)  NEP was a program where in Russia would take one step backward to take two giant steps forward. o Soviet union was going to undertake economic rehabilitation through liberalization of the economy. o Import through capitalist industrialized west. o “Commanding Heig
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