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Mark Baron

Soviet Legacy: Lenin to Brezhnev 9/16/2013 10:29:00 PM Soviet Legacy: Lenin to Brezhnev Economic stagnation  Industrial  Agricultural Crippling subsidies Social Degeneration  Parasitism o Don’t produce and linger on the job. Wages are low. Availability of goods for soviet workers to spend their money on is low.  Absenteeism  Hooliganism  Speculation Nationalism  Secessionism  Slavic, chauvinism, ethnic hierarchy  Russification  Sovietize  Technology Gap Neo-Stalinism/ Re-Stalinization  This program was implemented by Brezhnev. Post- Khrushchev (legitimized his power within the SU based on something that was known as the Secret Speech).  Have to liberalize social space. Let citizens come out and associate. Provided they do not threaten the monolithic style of the communist state.  Decrease the soviet police state.  Liberalize economy. Address the economic needs of the citizens. Put greater emphasis on the soviet citizen economy and less on military.  Police state reinvigorated but not be as wide spread during Stalin years and not as threatening to civilian lives.  Gerontocracy - a form of oligarchical rule in which an entity is ruled by leaders who are significantly older than most of the adult population.  Soviet-American Détente – already been practiced under the Khrushchev period. 1968 to 1978: Nixon and Brezhnev. Start getting significant exchanges of information and people between the USSR and the West. All kinds of Soviet professionals/politicians/citizens/ sports teams etc being undertaken what had been an unbridgeable divide. America was marketed in the USSR differently than what we really ar
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