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Political Science
POLI 435
Doreen Barrie

October 11, 2012 POLI 437 - The border has been more an issue for Canadians. Americans are nowhere near our border. We cross border more often, and we live closer to borders. - The busiest points for traffic on border are Windsor-Detroit and Niagara-Buffalo. - Cooperation on integrated border management teams: these border enforcement teams dealt with migration issues, for ex if people were refugees etc. The thickening of the border. Things grind to a halt after 9/11. - A lot of problems due to this halt, as factories were waiting for shipments from other side of border. Canada was alarmed as trade was important for us. Government came up with a Smart Border Declaration. - The Smart Border Declaration intended to operate on the basis of risk management. You assess risk of someone who wants to cross border to for ex go shopping versus people who may pose a threat. You can speed up low risk travelers and more intense scrutiny of those posing a risk. The intention was to “enhance the security of the border while facilitating the legitimate flow of people and goods”. - The idea was a nexus fast pass: Because security was a priority the key feature of this nexus fast pass was providing them with cards that were based on pre screening which included common biometric standards (physical characteristics, ie: facial features, fingerprints etc) - FAST (Free and Safe Trade): for business/trucks and people shipping things pre-screening. - Government in US set up department of homeland security: it was huge and powerful. This department came into existence right after 9/11. 22 different agencies. - In Canada there were some changes as well: Public Safety Canada. It does more or less the same function as homeland security. Responsible for RCMP, border services agency, correction services etc. - An agreement had been reached between Canada and US, it excluded Mexico. The Securi
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