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Published on 2 Mar 2014
Tuesday, December 3rd
Today’s Lecture:
- The Basic of International Politics
- The International System
- Anarchy
- Theoretical Responses to Anarchy
- Liberal Democracy in Anarchy
International Politics and Domestic Politics
- Rely on many of the same concepts and definitions
Still concerned with legitimacy, authority and power.
- Concerns extra-national issues
War and peace, the global Economy, relations between states, terrorism,
human rights
New Concepts:
International law (between states, not above states)
International norms
International organizations
International politics occur within an “international system”
A set of relationships that informally establishes international norms and rules
Guides behavior, expectations and outcomes
Much like the “invisible hand” of politics
The Westphalian System
- Is the progenitor of our current system
- Governs the use of power in international relations
-State- centric system
State equality
Ultimate Authority
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