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University of Calgary
PSYC 353
Rose Joudi Kadri

PSYC 353 February 24, 2014 Personality - Encompasses a person’s relatively stable feelings, thoughts, and behavioural patterns - Each of us has a unique personality that differentiates us from other people and understanding someone’s personality gives us clues about how that person is likely to act and feel in a variety of situations. Dispositional Traits - Consists of aspects of personality that are consistent across different contexts and can be compared across a group along a continuum representing high and low degrees of the characteristic o Personal concerns – things that happened to them during development in their life o Life narrative – you want to understand how they’ve become the person they are Big Five (Costa and McCrae) - Neuroticism – whether you’re high strung or relaxed and calm - Extraversion – if you score high, you are very social, score low and you’re an introvert - Openness to experience - Agreeableness – don’t like to oppose people or upset them, if you score low, you’re being difficult – it’s the only one of these five where you don’t want to score low or high, you want to be in the middle - Conscientiousness – score high, you’re a planner who likes organization. If you score low, you are disorganized and messy o These five are not necessarily the only traits out there. There are other, more specific traits that represent other dimensions not captured by the Big Five. Still, understanding them gives us a good start for describing personality. Neuroticism - Six facets: o Anxiety o Hostility o Self-consciousness – often take constructive criticism very seriously, low self esteem o Depression o Impulsiveness – tend to overdo everything – eating, shopping, lack of will power o Vulnerability Extraversion - Has six facets in two groups: o Interpersonal traits  Warmth  Gregariousness  Assertiveness o Temperamental Traits  Activity  Excitement seeking  Positive emotions Openness to Experience - This is what career counsellors look at when trying to place you in a job or career - Six areas as well o Fantasy o Aesthetics – how much appreciation do you have of things like art o Action o Ideas o Values o Occupational choice Agreeableness
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