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Lecture 3

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ANTH 1150

Kottak Chapter 3 – Doing Anthropology Definitions: Participant observation: taking part in the events one is observing, describing, and analyzing Sample: a small, manageable study group from a larger population Interview Schedule: ethnographic tool for structuring a formal interview; a prepared form (usually printed) that guides interviews with households or individuals being compared systematically; contrasts with a questionnaire because the researcher has personal contact and records people’s answers Genealogical Method: procedures by which ethnographers discover and record connections of kinship, descent, and marriage, using diagrams and symbols Key Cultural Consultants: an expert on a particular aspect of local life who helps the ethnographer understand that aspect Life History: of a cultural consultant; provides a personal cultural portrait of existence or change in a culture Emic: investigates how local people think Cultural Consultant: refers to individuals the ethnographer gets to know in the field, the people who teach him or her about their culture, who provide the emic perspective Etic: shifts the focus from local observations, categories, explanations, and interpretations to those of the anthropologist Longitudinal Research: the long-term study of an area or population, usually based on repeated visits Survey Research: involves sampling, impersonal data collection, and statistical analysis Variables: attributes that vary among members of a sample or population Informed consent: agreement to take part in research – after having been informed about its nature, procedures, and possible impacts Summary: 1. Ethnographic methods include firsthand and participant observation, rapport building, interviews, genealogies, work with key consultants or informants, collection of life histories, discovery of local beliefs and perceptions, and problem-oriented, longit
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