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Lecture 5

ANTH 1150 Lecture 5: Week 5.docx

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ANTH 1150
Tad Mc Ilwraith

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Kinship is who you are related to through
o 1 - blood
o2 - marriage
Kinship is about roles and behavior around those behaviors, assumes that you are
going to react differently with different relatives
Kinship charts -> kinship system
oGraphic/ illustrations of relationships
2 kinship charts
o1 – eskimo kinship system
north American – Hollywood
o2 – Iroquois kinship system
Iroquois people
Ojibwa Decent
Focus on blood relatives and central social units within a society
Groups of people who claim common ancestry
Groups of people who have descended form a family who share a common
Define themselves on who their parents are
Memberships in a group through parental lines back to a common ancestor
oA) Known and identifiable ancestor
oB) Mythological ancestor – the Tahltan – Wolf clan or Crow clan
SO what?
oWhat does membership do for you
Emotional and physical support
Participations in events like marriages
Care groups
Inheritance groups – manage property
Where people live
After death
Regulate marriage –
Do not tell you has authority in the household, community
Patriarchies (man – authority) are everywhere
1 – unilineal descent
oTwo members is defined by your relationship with either you fathers side
OR mothers side
1 a - patrilineal descent
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