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Cultural Anthropology: Chapter 7 Notes Conformity & Conflict: Chapter 14 & 16 Notes Anthropology – 09/28/10 & 09/30/10 General Questions 1. What are the different kinds of reciprocity? 2. What are the different kinds of redistribution? 3. What are the key features of price market exchange? 4. How does property influence production and exchange systems? Chapter 7 – Economic Organization Reciprocity  Generalized Reciprocity  Involves mutual giving and receiving  There is no need for immediate “repayment”  No calculation of value of products and services being exchanged  Overt denial that anyone is trying to keep track  Balanced Reciprocity  Expectation that goods or services of equivalent value will be returned within a specific period of time Redistributive Exchange  Redistribution – accumulation of large amounts of labor products produced by different individuals in a central place where they are sorted and counted and then given away to producers and non-producers  Non-Stratified Redistributor  Works harder than anyone else  Takes the smallest or no portion at all  Is left with no greater material wealth than anyone else  Stratified Redistributor  Lets others do most of the work  Retains the largest share of the goods  Ends up with more material worth than anyone else  Workers must contribute to central pool or suffer penalties  Egalitarian - cont
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