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Social Anthropology

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ANTH 2160
D Rose

SOAN2160Social AnthropologyJanuary 30 2012Midterm Out of 801020 objective questions o Fill in the blank 1 sentence 1 word ex o Ex Margaret Mead conducted research in blank and blank o Ex Answer 5 of 7 like this4 5 short answer definition questions Sample Question In the article titlesshe outlines guidelines for ethics in research involving human subjects What were theySTACY AND FEMINIST ETHNOGRAPHYShort essaymake connections between some of the readings documentaries and the ethnography second life o Evidence youve read the ethnography o Evidence youve been reading the package o That youve been coming to class o That you can make connectionsMeadFreeman Debate Around her work in Samoa coming of age in SamoaWidely read bookIt was based on Meads first field work o Boas had her working with adolescent girlsPublished 2 books from this field work Coming of age was directed for a wider audienceNot the same time of angst and struggle as it is in America o Critics say she says its because in Samoa theres an easy peasey view on sexFreeman is an Australian anthropologist o Worked in a different area of Samoa o Did field work 40 years after Mead o Found it was a patriarchal society and people were uptight about sex o No such thing as free love o Interviewed older women who had been alive when Mead was there but not in the same place o And the women he interviewed said it was never the way Mead put itRadically different impressions of Samoan societyCant assume the societies would be the same when youre studying 2 communities even if it was at the same timeTime difference o There was a lot of talk because there was massive social change Missionaries all over the placeMassive social change between when Mead was there and the FreemanIts a man interviewing them a second time
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