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18 Apr 2012

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Boellstorff Chapter Nine
2 weeks todayessay due
academic anthropology- theories of culture
applied- debate is anthropologists should be doing applied anthro
public anthropology
Paul farmer- Aids in acquisation
Philip bourgeouis-
Dorianne KondoCrafting **
Gastonstill is difficult
Technology enhances life, new technology does not necessarily replace old
(writing and speaking)
Age of techne- the continuity and change; homo faber humans have
always crafted ourselves via cultures (agency?) what is new, per B. is that
now we can craft ―new worlds for human sociality‖
Argueing we’re entering into a whole new realm of existencenew and
Making claim we have potential to create own worlds
Boellstorff Chapter nine
Holistic ethnographic approach and again raises Malinowski this time
emphasizing his study of kula
―persons around the world understand themselves to belong to cultures
that are discrete even if their boundaries are porous.‖
NOT simulation nor simulacrm
**argues Second life is a place* of human culture and goal was to
understand the ―natives’ POV‖
idea that culture are bound wholes
o Malinowski
A+ for giving POV of residents in SL
Writing against ideas of post human—―human plus‖
Where Asia Smiles
Ethnographic study of tourism in Davao, Phillipines
Central theme in understanding of tourism and its cultural contexts
Asks what is the relationshop between tourism and anthropology
Similarities/ differences
o Journey centric pursuits
o Both come into age as aspect of recent in history of humankind
Tourism coming of age around same time as anthropology
Anthropologists looking for something true, for rapport,
Also doing fieldwork in different waygood discussion of method and what
it means to be doing anthropology
Problems with tourismsex tourism
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