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ANTH 2230
D Rose

Sin Embargo  Spanish settler colony, large % population that would consider themselves white or Euro- Caribbean.  One of the biggest revolutions, santa rea (syncretic religion), predominantly catholic.  Very close to Florida, Under American rule then became independent in 1902. Thriving playground of millionaires, opened up resorts etc. has lots of racism and poverty.  Famous in Canada for the Cuban Revolution, 1959 became a socialist or communist country. Wealthy Cubans left.  Embargo’s, cannot travel to Cuba from US.  To get free university and free medical school you must promise to work for 2 years in the place where you came from or specifically from in one specific area where medical care is most needed.  Sex tourism is an issue, cigars are one of the most significant exports.  Very creative, makes a bike wheelchair out of wheelchair parts and bike parts  1992 Government declares a special period of peace  Lots of production of objects that are created based on the failing economy and severe poverty, Cubans were doing what they had to do to get by.  Modify current products to make them run better or be more efficient. If something breaks you don’t throw it away you fix it.  For example toilets from the turn of the century last 80-90yrs now they only last 40-70 because they get clogged up. The people in Cuba unclog them and give them back because they are still able to be used.  People carry a record book and record the use of their allocations for the month.  Children create games to do with the road and paper ins
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