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ANTH 2230
D Rose

A Whole New World? The Disneyfication of Tourism in Dominica Critical Medical Anthropology-includes of focus on political economy. Looks at the relationship of government, exchange, policies and its influence on medicine, illness etc. Political Economy-the study of production and the exchange of goods. Looks at history. Tourism-travel to a place outside of your own home, not necessarily outside of your country, for purposes of leisure and less than one year. More than one year is considered travel.  What is being produced in tourism-experience, souvenirs etc  Also a medical issues, the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, connections with the tourism industry and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. Huge inequalities between the wealth and life outcomes/possibilities between the tourists and the natives.  Idea of the stereotype of the sexualized black person.  Dominica is adventure tourism, no sex workers (or very few), not 5 star resorts.  Dominica is very mountainous, not white sandy beaches, serious undertow on the sea, black sand beaches (really hot on feet). People in Dominica must try to figure out how to attract tourists, no international airport, cannot land there at night. No golf courses or resorts. Eco-Tourism Projects  Construction of gazebos, boardwalk and benches near landmarks such as waterfalls.  People think it is the governments idea to try to get as many tourists to the waterfalls and charge them $5.  Stated reason for this eco-tourism is to protect the wildlife etc. but the unofficial reason is to stop tourists from getting wet and tripping over tree branches.  Construction of beach facilities, stages and landscaping that is pleasing to tourists, construction of souvenier shops, toilet facilities, landing dock etc.  Creation of heritage site at Lescalier Tete Chien  Same spot where all this was created was a space where squid was fished, would the squid not move on if tourists were there all the time.  Dominica was not successful at getting tourists. Disneyization vs. Disneyfication  Disneyization-Theming, hybrid consumption, merchandising, performative labour o Theming comes from the Disneylands. E.g. macdonalds has themed toys o Hybrid consumption-consuming 2 or more things at one time. E.g. food and the theme around you. o Merchandising-souveniers. o Performative labour-emotional labour, doesn’t matter how you feel or what mood you are in you must be happy and nice and energetic. People also take
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