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ANTH 2660
Edward Hedican

UNDERSTANDING ABORIGINAL ISSUES CHAPTER 5 Aboriginal Policy Issues Anthropological Perspectives Indian Problem was defined by the policymakers and the public defining the problem that a policy is to solve is the first and the most crucial step in policy makingINTRODUCTION Indian problem talked about started at the time of Confederation even before many different perspectives taken into account historical political administrative and cultural governments have gone through many different positions on the issue protectionism assimilation termination little consistency from one historical period to the next one of the most important historical processes affecting FN societies is that the land base for the AB population has been continually shrinking on a per capita basis meaning a lot of Abs have left their reserves and communities population then migrates to cities or on crown land in squatter communities this population is called off reserve or nonreserve this is bad bc the Abs are supposed to be on provincial landa provincial problem but they keep on pushing it to the federal situation is changing with more provincial involvementANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES ON PUBLIC POLICY anthro is good at policy issues because they do participant observation so they can see whats going on first hand it is also good bc the basis is cultural relativism b4 not many AN despite the fact that they would be good were really involved in policy issues but recently there has been a greater move towards it also healthrelated issues have been a focus of study also interest in food diet and nutrition hes trying to prove the point that many AB issues are being explored by AP problem sometimes AP can look too hard into an issue or teaching and then it facilitates more study and understanding of it and therefore less action we must view policy as bigger than just the western definition of it bc this narrows it to just the policymakers and social and political issues policy must also incorporate culture Chambers says word policy is also a lot like the word culture this means that policy is like those other areas of social organization that are familiar in ethnography marriage the family politics and so on assumption that any action bc policy involves action will also include a consideration of what the outcome will be anthropologist must look at all the perspectives and tell them to everyone else in the broadest sense must understand many languages his experience with Okogi River Guides ORG was that he sat back and researched them while they made decisions around coffee in small groups they first tackled small issues and then they gained supported by their people bc even in a small society they can disagree and then they came up with a solid policy idea to take into the negotiations they were asking him if their ideas and actions would lead to their intended results they still wanted some of his inputRESEARCH ON ABORIGINAL ISSUES SOME CONTRADICTIONS
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