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Lecture 15


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Edward Hedican

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Lecture 15 Oct. 25. 2012
Will be cumulative
May (will) reuse midterm multiple choice questions (the ones people did poorly on)
Possible essay question being on the Paleolithic Period
The Archaic Stage Page 120-145
Plains subtopic of Archaic Stage p.145
Summary ‘The Importance of the Archaic’ p.218
Week 6 - Outline
Main Characteristics & Themes
-changing of the great lakes
-shape what we know of geography today
-result of glacial ice melting and having no where to go, overflow, mass, creating great
-move southward
-why all move south? the height of land.
-if you cut a cross section it would look like a peak, over Lake Nippigan and Superior
-what this means that south of heigh of land all lakes drain south, into great lakes and
Atlantic ocean
-all north of height of land, drains north,
-tried to move that way but great ice sheets glacial ice blocked it, until melted
-Look at Fig. 7 & 8
-Fig 8: Upper Great Lakes region at the time of the Chippewa-Stanley stage, 6,000 to
3,000 BC
-Chippewa refers to water in Lake Michegan and Lake Stanley refers to Lake Huron
Fig. 9 - Upper Great Lakes region in early post-glacial times during the Nipissing Stage,
about 3,000-1,500 BC
-water draining through North Bay outlet into Ottawa River, Rising water along North
Bay competes, overflow, where to go : Niagara Falls
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