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Lecture 6

ANTH 3650 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Old Copper Complex, The Main Point, Harpoon


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ANTH 3650
Edward Hedican

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Week 6 The Archaic Period (5,000 1,000 BC)
October 27 November 1, 2011
A. Main Characteristics
•A period of about 4,000 years
Transition, change and motivation are main themes
•This period leads into our present day world
1. Climatic Change: Alti-Thermal Period (4500-2500 BC)
A period of general warming before slight cooling
~Today, we are on the cool side of the max
•The main point in the Alti-Thermal period is the high temperature that is reached
2. Geographic Change: Glacial Lakes
•Large glacial lakes were formed from the melting and spreading of the ice sheets
3. Habitat Changes: Grasslands to Forest Cover
•The area that is now Thunder Bay, had a very similar ecological zone to what we have
now-a-days in Southern Ontario (hardwood forests in particular)
4. Animal Movements
•Some animal species died out
•Many animal species had to adapt with the changing environment, others simply followed
their habitat as it spread
•As water levels were rising and more glacial lakes were being formed, many animals grew
to live in aquatic environments
~Beavers became more abundant
5. Cultural Innovations:
•Humans were greatly affected by the climate changes
~Lots of stress on the species
~Adaptation was necessary: they had to change their food source and way of living
~Everyone took advantages of the changes and did not give up
~Learning was done from difficulties and failures
a. Adaptations to varied/diversified environments
•With the changing environment, humans adapted their ways of living and hunting
•Found the biggest game and hunted it
b. Technological Innovations, ie, copper tools, specialized harpoons
With the discovery of copper, humans were able to fashion new, more advanced tools
•With new tools came new methods of hunting
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