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Lecture 4

BIOL 2060 Lecture 4: Lecture #4 Ecology

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University of Guelph
BIOL 2060
Christina Caruso

Sept BIOL 2000 Lecture. 4 -Biomes Acme s a wag cf classif ec ste s based the d Why do certain biomes occur in certan clamotes temperati e and precipat pedid the distribution of bomes illustrated wth whittaker daaram awhy are there no bomes occurng the upper left corner of the wryttater daaram2-becadse warm air can hold m moisture than cola ar, some combinations of temperatu e and preciptation ao not occur onthe globe. 4why do bomes occupy locations with a particular cambornection of twee precipitat to photosynthesize temperat Carbon for growth e reproductoral plants, requ water sunlight's Cet 2 C CO2 water for photosy thesis move from the so thragh the plant, and into the atmosphere the a of urter transpoed oused for photosynthesis S on temperatur wreoptation e temperature determine the poential of planes to Protosynthesize and thus how h of ttue sun's energy e reproduction. ants can capture entual eva potransparation CPET the potentiae amount of water that so can mae from the sol to the atmasphere cut en temperatur OPET can be estimated from a clincte d as temp. hy do tropical rainforests occulc in locations with han tempem- ture. high precipati upET in June. xaAPK. bsmm do arctic tundra bares accur in locatias with low temperatures precipitator PET in June. >appe, 15 mm, warm desert b PET in June za loo arm deserts but apical ranforest hy ,s PeT the same in rainforests are more productive th deserts because amual preciptatan is high in tropic rainforests, PET actual evape transp ration CAETO bbecause annual precipresati is law n deserts PET actual evap o-transpiration (AET
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