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Lecture 2

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Ecology Lecture 2 What is Ecology? Ecology: (1) The study of the abiotic & biotic interactions that determine the distribution & abundance of organisms, (2) The scientific study of the relationships between organisms & their environment Ecological Organization Population: a group of individuals of the same species that occupy a given area Community: all populations of different species interacting within an ecosystem Ecosystem: a network of interactions among organisms & between organisms/environment Landscape: area of land/water composed of different communities & ecosystems Biomes: geographic regions with similar geological & climatic conditions Biosphere: thin layer on the Earch supporting life Ecological Complexity - Models help us understand that complexity of the interactions in an ecosystem - Ecologists examine different patterns at different scales: - Individual - Population - Community - Ecosystem - Landscape - Biome - Biosphere - Global Ecology & Evolution - Organism diversity is a result of millions of years of evolution. It is only possible to make sense of the patterns we find today in the light of evolutionary history. Ecology & the Environment Global environment crises Population growth Conservation of biodiversity Sustainability of natural & human systems Global climate change Canadian environment crises Clear cutting of temperate forests Mining of Alberta oilsands Collapse of cod stocks in atlantic provinces  Ecologists may distinguish between th
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