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Lecture 6

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BIOL 2060

End of Lecture 6 Thermoregulation There are inputs & outputs of energy from an organism that affects its energy budget - Energy inputs: e.g., absorbed radiation, metabolic heat, conduction Energy/Heat Budget Hnet = Hrad + Hmet – Hre-rad +/- Hconv +/- Hcond – Hevap Hnet = net/stored heat Hrad = absorbed radiation (sun) Hmet = metabolic heat Hre-rad = red-radiated heat (lost) Hconv = heat gained or lost via convection Hcond = heat gaineed or lost via conduction Hevap = evaporative heat (lost) Reducing Body Temperature (EX. Poililotherm)  Metabolic heat cannot really be adjusted * * *  Conduction & convection are good ways to adjust internal temperature  Some plants can angle their leaves in order to reduce heat gain by radiation, or they may have a reflective surface (waxes or hairs) to reduce heat gain by radiation.  Evaporative heat transfer is an important mechanism for lowering body temperature, however it doesn’t really work for desert organisms because they cannot afford to lose the water. Increasing Body Temperature (EX. Cushion plant) - Not much opporunity for heat loss; does not release much heat to t
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