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Lecture 10

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Ecology Lecture 10 * * Populus:  For plotting these growth curves Logistic Growth - As resources are depleted, population growth rate slows & eventually stops - Population growth curve looks more like a sigmoid (S-shaped) curve (logistic growth) - Carrying capacity (K) is the number of individuals of a population that the environment can support. - Finite amount of resources can only support a finite number of individuals. (Population size vs. time) (Growth rate vs. population size)  Plotting first derivative of previous graph  DEF. ON EXAMS – don’t confuse the 2 graphs  Factors needed ^ Logistic Growth What is the mechanism? (What is actually happening in nature?) Density Dependence As N increases the per capita birthrates (b) decreases & the per capita death rate (d) increases. Linear birth rate function: b = b –0aN - b0(intercept) = birth rate under ideal conditions (unlimited growth) - a (slope) = decreasing rate of change - b = actual birth rate  Decreasing Linear death rate function: d = d +0cN - d0(intercept) = death rate under ideal conditions - c (slope) = increasing rate of change - d = actual death rate  Increasing  No need to reproduce this example ** Applications of Logistic Growth - Fisheries management  Where anything is growing biologically - Maximum sustainable yields: based on the concept seen in logistic curves (when a populati
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