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Thermodynamics Basics

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CHEM 1050
Mario Monteiro

Thermodynamics BasicsThermoheat dynamicsenergyEnergy relationshipsAll reactions in the world involve changes in energyWe convert heat into work we measure heat associated with reactionsNote combustion is whatever is burningO2iesomethingOCOHO222all combustions are exothermicsee question 1Need energy to break a bond when a bond is formed energy is released Need to formalize how energy changes are relatedReaction system the reaction vesselSurroundings everything elseState function depends only on the values in the present state no matter how you got there just the difference between the start and finish state functions depend on pressure and temperatureEx if you started with 100 water and it cooled to 25 vs if you started with 0 water that warmed to 25 if the property you are describing is a state property then it wont matter where you started you only need to know that you currently have water at 25Enthalpy and entropy ar
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