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Lecture 6

CIS 2250 Lecture 6: Agile Development and Project Managment

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Computing and Information Science
CIS 2250

Agile Software Development Software Development Methodologies ❖ A software development methodology is a set of rules, practices and processes that are used to create a software system. Software Development Lifecycle Examples Waterfall ➢ Requirements: Emphasis on planning, scheduling, tight control over every stage using extensive documentation and formal reviews. ➢ Design ➢ Implementation ➢ Testing ➢ Maintenance Spiral Each cycle consists of the identification of stockholders, their win conditions, review and commitment. Agile Methodologies ❖ Agile methodologies attempt to compromise between little or no process and emphasis on process (heavyweight software development). ❖ Agile methods are adaptive rather than predictive. ❖ Agile methods are people-oriented rather than process oriented. Agile Manifesto Principles of Manifesto ❖ Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. ❖ Working software over comprehensive documentation. ❖ Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. ❖ Responding to change over following a plan. ❖ Customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of useful software. ❖ Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. ❖ Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months) ❖ Working program is the principle measure of progress. ❖ Sustainable developments, able to maintain a constant pace. ❖ Close, daily co-operation between business people and developers. ❖ Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication (co-location). ❖ Projects are built around motivated individuals, who should be trusted. ❖ Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design. ❖ Simplicity. ❖ Self-organizing teams. ❖ Regular adaptation to changing circumstances. Extreme Programming One of the first agile methodologies, Extreme programming(EX) is a software development process that is organized aro
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